Practice Groups

Corporate & Tax Law


Formerly known as the Eurojuris Mergers & Acquisition group, the Corporate Group focuses on cross-border issues in the field of corporate law.
Meeting at least twice a year, its members exchange information about handling cross-border mergers, the setting up of subsidiaries and other, including basic tax question arising from the daily advising of medium-sized companies. The impacts of recent European Court decisions evolutionizing corporate law in some member states have been a mayor aspect of the discussion in the past two years. Short reports by the members of the group on mayor corporate law issues in their countries complete the regular meetings.

Employment Law

Richard DEVALL, Justin GOVIER

The vocation of the lawfirms members of Eurojuris International through their national associations consist mainly in assisting the Sme’s in their development outside their borders.
The creation and follow up of the subsidiary companies abroad ,the industrial and commercial partnerships with their competitors, clients or suppliers mean for those companies social incidences in their development. Every detachment of an employee abroad can’t be done without respecting european and local law.
This practice Group is a response to the growing demand of advice and assistance in employment law.

Insolvency, Restructuring and Banking

Chairman: Sjoerd TILMAN

The aims of the PG Insolvency law are international information and exchange of ideas about Insolvency-law-systems and proceedings between Eurojuris members who are experts practising in this field. The PG should be a platform to speak and discuss about recent developments of national law-systems and personal experiences of each member, and furthermore to build a basis for international cooperation.
The information and relationship given by the PG Insolvency is useful for lawyers being appointed liquidators as well as for those representing and advising debtors or creditors.

Int. Trade, Transport & Insurance Law

Chairmen: Vahit KAYA, Cristina VON HOLZEN

The PG International Trade Transport and Insurance Law gathers members from different jurisdictions to discuss new developments in the areas of International Trade, Transport & Insurance Law. The aim is to share knowledge and and develop cross border cooperation.

Intellectual Property Law

Chairman: François HERPE

Intellectual Property Group (IPG) is dealing with all questions regarding Copyright-, Design Protection-, Trademark-, Patent-infringement, Competition- and Antitrust-Law and related fields of exclusive rights like Personality rights (especially the privilege as to one own’s image) and consists of members specialised on some or all of these Laws.
When we plan a new programme for a session, first, we pay attention to the members’ latest experience on which issues their clients were interest, second, we observe new developments in national and, first of all, EU initiatives on new Laws (Directives or Regulations to come) and, third, we examine court decisions, both with regard as to their possible impact on the daily practice of our clients.

International Business Group (IBG)

Chairman: Richard PHILLIPS

The Eurojuris International Business Group (IBG) is made up of like-minded law firms throughout Europe and beyond all of whom are committed to provide a first class comprehensive service to clients.
The members of the group aim to provide a solution to those individuals and businesses seeking legal advice in jurisdiction throughout the world in a manner which is consistent across borders.Please visit the IBG website for more information:

International Litigation, ADR and Contracts

Chairmen: Thierry CLERC, Christian SCHLEMMER

The Group is specializing in the drawing up of international contracts and commercial dispute resolution where there is a cross-border dimension.
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is also part of its core business.The Group trains its members at Practice group meetings, with Group members presenting topics of relevance regarding legal issues and proceedings, both in their national forums and in the context of international and EU conventions and regulations, which affect all members.

Real Estate Law

Chairman: Niels ERIKSEN

The main aim of the Group is to provide members with specific real estate law advice, assistance and representation when required in relation to matters falling out of their own jurisdiction. It is also anticipated that the Group aims to provide advice to business clients on how to avoid problems by investing in foreign countries.
We see ourselves as a proactive, innovative and forward thinking group. Thinking and acting internationally is part of business life today.

Management Group

Chairman: Chris MARSTON

Please note: the Management Session is taking place from 14.00 to 16.00 on Saturday!

The workshop sessions are dedicated to every Eurojuris member who wishes to improve daily firm practice and exchange experiences.

You can contact me anytime:
Diane Tries
Secretary General