What We Aim to Achieve

Enhanced Communication
Share and receive crucial updates, success stories, and developments from our diverse law firms, ensuring we all stay informed and connected.

Content Sharing & Learning
Exchange insights on specialties and publications, exploring possibilities for sharing content across websites and social media platforms. This not only enriches our respective websites and social media channels but also positions us as thought leaders in the legal field.

Empowering Our Marketers

A unique platform to recognize and value the contributions of our marketing teams, fostering professional growth and development through shared experiences and best practices.


What's in store for the new Marketing Support Network?

  • Regular Web Meetings: Engage in dynamic and interactive virtual sessions, designed to foster collaboration, idea exchange, and strategic discussions.
  • Dedicated Communication Channel: Stay connected through a dedicated platform (e.g. Slack or Teams, to be determined) for continuous sharing of insights, ideas, and experiences, driving innovation in legal marketing.

We are keen to hear from you and would love to count you/your marketing team in for our inaugural web meeting on Thursday, March 7th at 1.00 pm CET/12.00 pm GMT. Please register and we will send a meeting link to all registered participants a few days before the meeting.