Jurismus Academy Webinar

Developing Your International Career
Some Guidelines for Young Lawyers

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Thursday March 14th – 1 PM (GMT) / 2 PM (CET) 

Dear Jurismussers,

Working with a Eurojuris member law firm opens up numerous opportunities for international activity. 

In order to be successful in the international legal business, however, some basic principles of cross-border mandate processing are required. These include the legal framework for the awarding of correspondence mandates, the mastery of special communication, knowledge of fees, accounting principles and, finally, a feeling for cultural differences. 

Having this in mind, international networking does not happen by itself. Learn something about the large variety of possibilities you may have to boost your international career.

We look forward to seeing you on March 14th!

Warm regards,
Your Jurismus Board Team

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Speaker: Tim Becker

Tim Becker has been active in the cross-border legal and consulting business for a long time. He has attended some 35 Eurojuris events and has accompanied numerous international proceedings. 

In his occupation as judge at the lawyer’s court and being chairman of his local lawyers’ association, Tim is involved in many details of professional law. 

Having worked with the board of Jurismus International for a couple of years – some of them as president – he also had an insight into the Eurojuris Complaints Council.