Eurojuris Practice Groups and Training Days // 2019

Taking place in Ljubljana

16 - 19 May

About the Meeting

The Eurojuris Practice Groups and Training Days have become a state of the art happening for networkers. This year, we welcome you to Ljubljana. Meet with your Eurojuris colleagues while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the city. The practice groups will be in session during three days of networking.

The Venue

The meeting will take place at the Best Western Premier Hotel Slon.

Address: Slovenska 34, Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenija
Phone: 386 1 470 11 31
Fax: 386 1 470 11 70


We know how valuable your time is, so we scheduled the entire event around mingling and socialising.

Friday 17/05/2019

Saturday 18/05/2019

Sunday 19/05/2019

  • Free programme all day

The Psychology of Pricing

Nigel Haddon, Pricing Consultant at Burcher Jennings, will speak about “Pricing Psychology”, an essential element of law firm management.

A quick look at Nigel’s session:

Why does a €2 painkiller cure a headache but a 10 cent one doesn’t? Why do we feel more hurt from losing €10 than we gain pleasure from finding €10? Why is ‘free’ so powerful?

And what are the practical implications of these and other psychological ‘effects’? How can lawyers use knowledge of pricing psychology to boost their profits AND delight their clients?

These and other questions will be covered in Nigel’s Saturday afternoon talk “Predictably Irrational: Pricing Psychology”

Learn more about Burcher Jennings
CV Nigel Haddon

The Evening Venues

This year, we will discover the restaurants of Ljubljana.

The Early Birds Dinner on Thursday will take us to “Sestica”. On Friday, we will enjoy a fine dinner at “As Aperitivo”. On Saturday, the Castle in Stanovska Hall will be the venue of the evening dinner and the party.

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Hotel Booking

We will be staying at the  Best Western Premier Hotel Slon, our meeting location. To reserve a room, please use the registration form and return the form by fax: +386 1 4701170, or  by email:

Arriving by Plane

You can find all information about airlines to Ljubljana here. Want to check the information on current arrivals and departures? Click here.

There are numerous public transportation connections from the airport to the capital city Ljubljana. More information about transportation here. 

You can contact me anytime:
Diane Tries
Secretary General
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