Eurojuris International Virtual Meetings 2020

International Litigation, ADR and Contracts Group

Thursday May 7th (14:00 - 16:30)

Chaired by Thierry CLERC (France) and Christian SCHLEMMER (Germany)        

13:55 -14:00    
Welcome by the chairs,
Introduction to the practice group, who is around the table,
Programme of the day

14:00- 14:20   
Recent legal issues in the UK: Brexit, Scotland, by our Scottish Eurojuris Lawnet firm (MBM Solicitors) and “Legal Professional Privilege” in the UK, by Charlotte CLODE (FBCMB Solicitors)

14:20- 15:10     
Covid 19: consequences on business contracts and justice systems
Introduction by Thierry CLERC (FCA) and open discussion

15:10- 15:30    
Exequatur of Court decisions outside Europe (UK?) by Christian SCHLEMMER (Caemmerer and Lenz-Germany) and Naveen INDRAKANTI (Cresco- UAE)

15:30- 15:50    
What clauses survive after the end of the contract by Thierry CLERC, (FCA Avocats-France) and Moritz SCHUMANN (USA)

15:50- 16:10    
The liability of Directors and board members in cases of Antitrust violations in Germany, by Christoph HERRMANN (Einem & Partners- Germany)

16:10- 16:30     
Discussion: next topics for Paris (visit of the International Courts)

End of the meeting

The Employment law group

Friday May 8th (10:00 - 12:00)

Mark Stevens will make a presentation about the impact of coronavirus on employment law in the UK.

Our Italian colleague Giovanni Osnago Gadda will then present the situation in Italy.

Afterwards I will make the point about how the French labour authorities dealt with that question. 

Insolvency, Banking and Restructuring (“IBR”) 

Friday May 8th (14:00 - 16:30)

The (provisional) programme will be:

– Opening (Sjoerd Tilman);
– Who is around the “table”;

Topic 1: EU Directive on Preventive Restructuring Frameworks (“PRF”), introduction by Sjoerd Tilman);
– Implementation PRF in various countries (each participant will be asked to give a short presentation of implementation in his country);

Topic 2: Covid 19 and restructuring/(pre)insolvency (each participant will be asked to give a short presentation);

– Paris


You can contact me anytime:
Diane Tries
Secretary General